Students of the Precarpathian National University address the international community

Today, at this difficult time for Ukraine students of the Pedagogical Faculty of the Precarpathian National University addressed the international community with words of gratitude for the support of the Ukrainian people in their fight against the Russian aggressor. The video message is recorded in English.

Students express their sincere gratitude to Poland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain and many other countries for their support.

Students also express pride in our courageous defenders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all those who defend Ukrainian land. They stress that the struggle continues, civilians are dying, including children. Students beg the whole world to stay with Ukraine , help stop the war.

The university lecturer, Associate Professor Tetyana Blyzniuk adds that the world is with Ukraine. She is touched by the letters that come from abroad from scientists and educators who have common projects.  They unanimously condemn the Russian aggression, protest , raise funds to support Ukrainians.

In this fierce aggression it is important that our friends, colleagues, partners and citizens of other countries are with us. Ukrainians are convinced that our response, together with the world community, to this crime of Russia, which is the greatest humanitarian catastrophe since the World War II, must be decisive, tough and urgent.

The appeal was initiated by the Pedagogical Faculty students of the university, who study English-language disciplines, and the university lecturer , Associate Professor TETYANA BLYZNIUK.