Precarpathian University Transferred Almost 1 Million UAH to Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Since the first days of russian occupants’ full-scale military invasion of the Ukrainian territory the university community has been actively involved in the support of our army’s defensive capacity.

The recent contribution to the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been made by the staff of Precarpathian University these days. To meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine the financial aid equal to the average daily salary of any employee of the establishment per April 2022 (991 894.58 UAH) has been transferred through the National Bank of Ukraine.

It should be mentioned that such a decision was adopted by the resolution of the university staff (Report №1) and by the Resolution of the Scientific Council of the University (Report №3) dated March 29, 2022.

The transferring of the average daily salary of the employees of Precarpatian University to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a consolidated contribution to our country’s victory, so everyone had an opportunity to help our military men and women.

Earlier a number of teachers and employees transferred their “COVID” thousand to the needs of our military men and women. It is also worth mentioning that teachers, students and employees of Precarpathian University carry on being busy with charity and volunteering to support our defenders. Charity auctions, master-classes and various events take place in the university itself. (

All of us believe in our defenders, both men and women! Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Let us remind you that on February 24 russia resorted to the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, after that martial law was introduced in Ukraine that is prolonged till May 25.