Career guidance work

 Today, Professor of the Department of Human and Animal Anatomy and Physiology Bohdan Hrytsulyak visited Kolomyia Medical College named after I. Franko for a career guidance conversation with students. Prospective entrants were acquainted with the new rules of admission in Читати далі

All-Ukrainian School Biology Olympiad

      On February 8, a practical round of the third stage of the All-Ukrainian School Olympiad in Biology took place on the basis of the Department of Biology and Ecology with the participation of teachers of the Department Читати далі

Time for science!

  On Saturday, February 8, schoolchildren from Ivano-Frankivsk took part in the work of the scientific circle “School of Laboratory Diagnostics”. The circle program included the following stages of work: The first part: theoretical material. The second part: practical course Читати далі

All-Ukrainian Student’ Biology Olympiad

Аttention! According to the order of the rector of the University № 879 (20.12.19) The first stage of the All-Ukrainian Student` Olympiad in Biology will take place in February 19, 2020 at 12.15 p.m., 507 aud. Faculty of Natural Sciences