Career guidance work

 Today, Professor of the Department of Human and Animal Anatomy and Physiology Bohdan Hrytsulyak visited Kolomyia Medical College named after I. Franko for a career guidance conversation with students. Prospective entrants were acquainted with the new rules of admission in Читати далі

Time for science!

  On Saturday, February 8, schoolchildren from Ivano-Frankivsk took part in the work of the scientific circle “School of Laboratory Diagnostics”. The circle program included the following stages of work: The first part: theoretical material. The second part: practical course Читати далі

All-Ukrainian Student’ Biology Olympiad

Аttention! According to the order of the rector of the University № 879 (20.12.19) The first stage of the All-Ukrainian Student` Olympiad in Biology will take place in February 19, 2020 at 12.15 p.m., 507 aud. Faculty of Natural Sciences