Time for science!


On Saturday, February 8, schoolchildren from Ivano-Frankivsk took part in the work of the scientific circle “School of Laboratory Diagnostics”.

The circle program included the following stages of work:

The first part: theoretical material.
The second part: practical course “Іsohemagglutination. The value of the Rh-factor in transfusiology ”under the guidance of PhD, docent Ivasіuk Irina Yosypivna, where students had the opportunity to master the methodology of determining blood groups and the Rh-factor, blood compatibility and also learned how to interpret the results.
Third part: discussion of the results. At this stage of the work, we were talking about standard serum and standard red blood cells and standard anti-Rhesus serum, as well as factors leading to the appearance of antibodies in the human body.