November 22-23, Ph.D. Nelya Dolinko completed a 2-day course in the School of Reproductology, organized by Medicover Academy. The course is internationally certified by the CPD (UK) and meets the international requirements for effective professional development for Читати далі

EU Career Day

       Senior teacher Neonila Dolynko visited the EU Career Day on May 21, based on the Information center of the European Union of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. The presentation of the EU Erasmus + program of education, Читати далі

The Department of anatomy and physiology of humans and animals founded in 1998 in connection with the opening of the Program Subject Area “Biology”. The head of the department is the doctor of medical sciences, professor Grytsuliak Bogdan Vasylovych. The Читати далі