Free testing by choice of profession

   The second stage of the social project of the Precarpathian National University “Profession of the future and my choice today” has started. As shown by university sociological research, only half of the entrants choose their profession in accordance with their professional orientation. The Precarpathian University wants to help young people to prevent mistakes and disappointments, and to choose their future correctly.

     Now, at the second stage of the project, more than three hundred entrants have already registered for free testing. With its help, there is an opportunity to learn about the level of development of the entrant of those abilities that will contribute to his most successful professional implementation, and requiring great efforts to achieve the cherished profession.

We remind everyone who wants to register and take a test within the framework of the project here:

     As you know, in November 2020, the social project “Profession of the future and my choice today” was launched in the Carpathian region. At its first stage, webinars were held to improve pedagogical skills for graduate school teachers and class leaders of general secondary education institutions in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and Ivano-Frankovsk region on the topic “Soft skills in the work of a teacher 2030”.