Students have successfully completed an industrial practice

      In March, students of the educational program “Laboratory Diagnostics” full-time and part-time education of the bachelor’s degree have defended the materials of the industrial practice.
     In the cycle of professional training of laboratory assistants an important role belongs to the production practice, which is an integral part of the training of specialists who must have modern methods of laboratory diagnostics for further use of practical skills in professional activities.

The bases of practice were:
-Municipal institution “City Polyclinic №2”.
-Tlumacka Central District Hospital.
-Bolekhiv CML.
-Outpatient clinic ZPSM with. Novitsa, Kalush district.
-Prima MED Medical Center
-“Kalush CRH” -clinical laboratory.
-Dolyna Multidisciplinary Hospital Dolyna District Council of Ivano-Frankivsk region.
-PP “Western Block” – clinical diagnostic laboratory “Matrix”.
-Prima MED Medical Center.
-Military unit A 1349 Code 08174283 – medical laboratory.
-Burshtyn Central City Hospital.
-Municipal institution “City Polyclinic №5”
-KNP “Kosiv CRH.
-Kosiv Central Committee.
-City Clinical Hospital № 1 of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council.
-Nadvirna CRH.
-Clinical laboratory of “Burshtyn Central City Hospital” of Burshtyn City Council IFO.